Admission Requirements

Each college and university has their own entrance requirements. Applying for admission to college is just like trying to get a job. There will be an application and there are a number of things that make you stand out and in some cases can eliminate you from consideration.

SAT Score

One of the most important admission requirements is your SAT score. Many schools have a minimum English and Math score and you must meet this threshold before being considered for admission. You might have to take the SAT test a second time to try to improve your score. Remember you are competing against other students for admission; make yourself standout!

GPA - Grade Point Average

Your high school GPA is a very important factor in your application. Take advanced placement classes, honor courses and make good grades so that you can have a high GPA.

Tuition Costs

Tuition Costs have been on the rise for many years; but there is a wide range of tuition costs from which to choose. Some tuition costs are only a few thousand per year and others that range upwards of $40,000 per year.

Private colleges and universities on average charge more than public schools.

In-state tuition can be half as much as out of state tuition.

When you consider a particular college take the tuition costs costs and then factor in any financial aid you may receive as well as the degrees offered and prestige of the school when you make your choice. Make a plan get organized and find the best college for you!